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How to off a Auto Play? 2020 Windows 7

Sometimes when we hit the stick, it suddenly got into the stick. However, if a stick contains Autorun files and viruses, it may be a problem when a quick stick opens.

Auto-Run files are downloaded and virus files spread. To prevent this, you can turn Autoplay off.
1. Click on Run box (Win + R) and click OK.
2. In the Group Policy Editor box, enter Local Computer policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / AutoPlay Policies. Double click on Turn off Autoplay under the right settings.
3. When a box is down, press OK and then exit. Got it
Antivirus automatically checks for external stick, drives, but you also need to know which files contain virus flies or hidden files.
It is better to open “Stick” with a right-click than a double-click on SD cards or drives. I don’t know why. Just right click >> Open.
/ * Intended only for those who don’t know. It’s just my weakness if it is needed.



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