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How to make Football Logo with Adobe Illustrator?

How to make Football Logo on Adobe Illustrator?

1. Ctrl+R [ Choose a Ruler]
2. Align to Artboard. Draw a Guide-line.
3. Click a [Alt + Ctrl + ;] and then  locked a Guideline.

1. Click a Shift+Alt and then Draw a Circle.
2. Choose a Polygon Tools and Black Color and click a space!
3. Write down a “5” and Enter “OK

1. Move to Center and then click a select.
2. Click a “Right Click

1. see it picture.
2. click a “Shift“.

1. Press a Alt and then minimize.
2. Click a Rotate Tool and press a Alt.
3. [72]
4. Click a Copy!

1. Copy with Ctrl+D.
2. Copy with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+F.

1. Click a Shift+Alt and then minimize.
2. Connect a Line Tools and Point.

1. Select a All.
2. Choose a Shape Builder Tools.

1. Press it!
2. RightClick> make a [Ungroup] and then click a delete!

1. Select a partations.
2. Click a Color Picker.

1. Lo at tha lo Phi saw pr!
2. Select it and a yaung pay mhr click a pr!

1. Adjust a Brightness.
2. Fill up Black Color.

1. Select a partations and edit.

Thank You All….!
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