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How to make a 3D Trine Logo on Adobe AI?

How to make a 3D Trine Logo on Adobe AI? for beginners!!

Here is an easy way to learn about 3D logo design. The letter is written with instructions and explanations
I believe all will be OK. Comment a Below is a list of what doesn’t work..

Click a [Guide Lines] and Selected a Vertical Distibute Bottom

Click a Alt. Fill 120 

Copy a Guide Lines and click a Alt

Press a Alt + Ctrl + ;
Locked a Guide Line

Choose s Selection Tools and Fill a Color

Choose a Pen Tools and copy a Object

Press Zoom

Remove a Guide Line [Ctrl + ;]

Swatches> Gradients> Brights

Choose a [Gradient Tools]. Edit a Color 

Remove a [Stroke] and Click a Shift

Press a [Tone]
Change a Radial 
Remove a [Stroke]
Fill up Smoke Color

Press same [Alt + Shift]

Use a [Line Tools]
Select a Pathfinder> Divide

Make a Ungroup and Delete! change a Opacity – 70
Thank You All….!
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