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How to build a website? for beginners 2020 Basic HTML Language

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a language for building a website.
When writing HTML, the corresponding Elements must be used in conjunction with Tag <>.
When Web Broswer displays the User Interface.
This tag is not included. It only shows the subject. Make HTML elements visible to the eye
Let’s talk about a simple document.
<! DOCTYPE html>
<title> Tech Geek </title>
<h1> Welcome to my site </h1>
<p1> Hello Computer Engineer </p1>
About the element used in this document
I’ll tell you.
<! DOCTYPE html> Browser This HTML document is HTML5
It was announced.
<html> is the root element of the entire html page that you are writing. In <title>, the content is displayed in the Tag Bar of the Web Browser. <title> should be written in <head> </head>.
The html document is in the <body> tag
Contains contents For example, if you were to display text, images, hyperlinks, tables, lists, you would have to enter the body.
<h1> is used for heading! <h1> to <h6> can be used in any size you want. The <p> tag is a paragraph written. Used in place.
If you want to write a <p> tag defined as a paragraph, the start tag and the end tag will be displayed
As an example, they are easy to read
I’ll explain!!! 😛
<p> ………… </p>
The <p> key is the start tag
</p> The button is called the end tag.
For example, just like the <p> four <h1>, <h2> elements also have a start tag and an end tag.
This is just a few of the basic elements/
Other <a>, <hr>, <ul>, <li> much. There are still.
The above document is displayed in the browser. You should see the following image: So the Basic Structure of an HTML Page! The following may be noted:
<title> Page Title </title>
<h1> This is a Heading </h1>
<p> This is a paragraph </p>
That’s the basic HTML language
I think it will!!
I believe all will be OK. Comment a Below is a list of what doesn’t work!!
Thank You All….!
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