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How to create multiple folders on Computer?

Sometimes building one folder at a time is not easy. You can build more than one folder at one time
How to Build A CMD It is not possible to use the file path since CMD is running..
Let See it Picture!!

Ok, first of all, it’s the easiest way
Hold down shift and right-click
When the dialog box appears as shown above, ok
open command window here
Click OK and the cmd will appear
(This method does not require file cycle

When CMD appears.
cmd will create a folder called md
md means make directory
In this example, the folder will be md – cmd, which will create a folder, and then create a folder name that will give you the names of the folder names that you want to create.
(For example, if Mg Kaung does not put the name in the opening column, it will be in the folder Mg and kaung).
Press enter after all

In this image, the text of the Windows OS is splitting
Here are four folders created
After md (1) AA (2) BB (3) CC (4) “Windows Os”
Click on the four folders

This is cmd, which creates a folder
cmd is the same CMD (mkdir)

May it all rest!

I believe all will be OK. Comment a Below is a list of what doesn’t work!!
Thank You All….!
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