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Free Computer Lesson

Commenters can help you with this comment as well. Have you ever heard of this? You are still asking in Messenger to ask, “Is the training fee 5,000 real?”
It’s really … The latest goal of Myanmar Pyi School is to offer free computer classes so you can charge a small fee or just pay a one-time bill.
Everyone who has ever attended a training course knows that the training costs are not as high as the current 5,000.
In addition, the training costs from 50,000 to 100,000.
There are currently around 10,000 online trainees. If you would like to read the innermost words of those who are attending, please read the following link:
Myanmar is the first and only middle class in Myanmar to be successful in computing. Even if you haven’t been on the course yet, you will be posting information every day. So, the country of Myanmar will be modernized and internationally able to …
Currently, there are five courses offered.
1. Online Computer-Based Training
2. Advanced Excel Online Training
3. Facebook Marketing Online Training
4. Messenger Bot Online Course
5. Photoshop Online Courses
Training details –
Courses to open soon
(Internet) Internet Mastery
Other courses will be open and will be available to attend.

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