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Top 5 programming languages for software developers in 2021

Programming languages are now slowly gaining momentum with time especially with companies now embracing technologies at a fast rate. In the last decade, the demand for developers has increased with three popular languages such as PHP, Perl, and C++ (that keeps on changing).

However, there are so many programming languages that are doing great in the market that is making developers learn the maximum of them. But which language is doing great?

Here are some of the top programming languages that a developer must be aware of in 2021.

1. Python
Python is a programming language that is famous for custom app development. It is one of the major programming languages that is ruling the market at the present moment.

2. SQL
SQL is a great programming language when it comes to database management development. It is a language that can be easily integrated with other languages with a solid and secure database.

3. Java
Java is one of the oldest programming languages that has changed over the years adopting the latest trends and technologies. Developers are now using the language to rule the market since it works well for cross-platform development.

4. R
R might be fairly new as compared to the big name of Java but in the small-time, it has managed to thrive in the market. Now after years, developers are not ready to leave the programming language behind.

5. Ruby
Next in line is Ruby that is ruling the market for a longer time as it is growing as per the technological trends. Its advancement and libraries are making developers hooked to it.

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