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How to make a chrome logo? for Beginners

How to make a chrome logo? for Beginners 2020 method!!

Here is a tutorial on how to create a Chrome Logo!
I believe all will be OK. Comment Below is a list of what doesn’t work!! 😀
Let See it Picture!
Press a Shift + Alt.
Press a Shift Key and move a Mouse.
Fill up – 120 and Click a Enter
Press a Ctrl+Alt+T and then move a center
Use a Pen Tool.
Click a Shift+Alt+Ctrl+T.
Selected a Point.
Fill up 120 and then click a Enter
Move to Center.
Click a Shift and Ctrl+Alt+T
Press a Same second [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T] and then
Selected a All layers and then make a new layer.
Choose a Brush Size -2px and headness – 100
Copy that Smoke Color and then press Enter
Click a Rightclick
Make a New Layer
Delete a Path
Click a Layer 1
Press a Shift and Mark this point
and Choose a Color!
Click a [Layer – 2]
Fill up Color [Alt+Delete]
Press a Ctrl+D and click a Select
Color Dodge 63 and save as your logo 😀
Thank You All….!
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